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Rio and the Last Grand Prix


Grandioso III with Jose Daniel Martin Dockx scored 70.8 in the final Grand Prix of their career together, at the 2016 Rio Olympics, for the country of Spain.    Following an injury in February this year that threatened to end his career, Grandioso recovered and made a strong comeback at the final Olympic qualifier in Aachen. Shortly after, Grandioso and Dani were named to the Olympic Team for Spain and traveled to Brazil with teammates Beatrice Ferrar-Salat with Delgado, Severo Jurado with Lorenzo, Claudio Castillo with Alcaide, and ...More

Hampton Green Farm’s Brio and Kerrigan Gluch take Third at USEF Festival of Champions U25 ...


  Kerrigan Gluch and HGF Brio, capping their first year together at the Young Rider Grand Prix, finished Third ...More

Grandioso III of Hampton Green Farm Named to Spanish Team for Rio Olympics ...


Last Monday, the RFHE announced the names of the horses and riders who will make up the Spanish Team for Rio. Grandioso ...More

Grandioso Reappears Fit and Strong at Aachen CHIO ...


Following a four-month recovery and rehabilitation for a torn tendon sheath, Grandioso reappeared in the showring at ...More

Largest EDAP Clinic to Date at LYDF Midwest 2016 ...


The last weekend in June is the annual Lendon Youth Dressage Festival at Hampton Green in Michigan. The show started six ...More



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Latitudes and Longitudes


26.6550* N, 80.2542*- Unless you’re a pilot or a ship captain these numbers probably don’t mean much, but thanks to Google I learned they are the latitude and longitudes of ...More