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2013 Show Roster

2013 Show Roster


This coming winter and spring, HGF will have a number of our horses in training and dressage competition here and in Spain. This is the starting line-up for next year:

Cuatrero IV--2000 bay stallion, foundation breeding sire, brother to Grandioso, will be competed by EDAP Rider Kerrigan Gluch at FEI Juniors in Wellington.

Idolo Americano--2003 gray gelding by Idilio, 2007 Champion American-bred Stallion at Devon, returning from Spain later this month to be trained by EDAP rider Rachel Chowanec for U25 Grand Prix competition later this year.

Bolero CXLVIII-- 2004 bay stallion, breeding sire for HGF and brother to Fuego de Cardenas, will be trained this winter by Nicholas Fyffe of Australia.

Baroco HGF--2009 gray gelding, son of Bolero out of Escapada, will be trained and shown by Nicholas Fyffe.

Grandioso III--1999 bay Stallion, trained by Dani Martin Dockx and competing at Grand Prix for the Spanish National Dressage Team.

Encanto XI, 2002 gray Stallion by Evento, trained by Dani Martin Dockx and competing at Grand Prix in Spain.

Vaquero HGF--2007 gray Stallion by Cuatrero, trained by Dani Martin Dockx and competing FEI 6 Year Old level in Spain.


Also watch for:

Fiero HGF--2008 bay stallion by Grandioso (Ibiza), owned by Robert Dover, trained and competed by Nicholas Fyffe in Wellington.

Genio HGF--2006 bay gelding by Grandioso (Ibiza), owned by Martin Schaudt and trained by Jasmin Schaudt in Stuttgart, Germany.

Icono HGF--2006 gray stallion by Idilio, owned by Martin Schaudt and competed by Jasmin Schaudt.

Icaro HGF--2006 gray gelding by Idilio, owned and competed by Annie Morris, schooling Second and Third level.

Infanta HGF--17 hand 2005 gray mare by Idilio, owned by Mary Magee of Chicago, to be trained by Rachel Chowanec and competed at Third Level.

Iris HGF--2008 gray mare by Idilio, owned by Valerie Lazarra, trained and to be competed by the owner at Training Level.

Brioso HGF--2009 bay gelding by Bolero, owned and trained by Andrea Landis.

Cochise HGF--2008 gray gelding by Cosaco, owned by Isabel Ferriera Gould and trained by Andrea Landis.

Innato HGF--2006 gray gelding by Idilio, owned and trained by Suzanne O'brien, Training and First Levels.

Decoroso HGF--2006 chestnut stallion, owned by trained by Cindy Ramirez, training Third Level, USDF All Breeds Champion at 2nd Level.

Carina HGF--2009 bay mare, owned and trained by Cindy Ramirez, Training and First levels and Jumping.

Cocota HGF--2009 gray mare by Cosaco, owned and trained by Maria Lithander.

Descarada HGF--2007 gray mare by Mejorano, owned by Beth Baumert and trained by Annie Morris.

Decente HGF--2006 bay gelding by Decoroso VIII, owned by Sandy Hartenstine Williams and competed by Christina Arrington.

Ideus HGF--2005 gray gelding owned by Mary Smith and competed by Hannah Pierucci.

Diaz HGF--2005 gray gelding owned and competed by Kelly Farmer.

More young HGF-bred horses are in training and will make the roster sometime in the next 12 months.

Good luck to all competitors!



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