Dedicated to the Development of the PRE Horse for Dressage in America.

HGF Team 70




HGF TEAM 70 is comprised of all owners and riders who achieve 70% or higher with their HGF-bred horses. Many of our clients who purchased young horses are now reaping the rewards of their choice of an HGF horse, and are scoring in the elite 70+ bracket. We want to congratulate them and welcome all to strive to do their best with their PRE horses from Hampton Green!



2014 HGF Team 70

The following riders and HGF-bred horses have achieved over 70% at their various levels in rated Dressage competitions in 2013. We congratulate our Team 70 for their accomplishments and look forward to their successes in 2014!

  • Daniel Martin Dockx and Vaquero HGF--FEI 6 Year Old Test
  • Nicholas Fyffe and Fiero HGF--FEI 5 Year Old Test
  • Christina Arrington and Decente HGF--USDF First Level
  • Annie Morris and Icaro HGF--USDF Second Level
  • Alexandra Meghi and Iliado HGF--Canada First Level
  • Rachel Chowanec and Idolo Americano--USDF Third Level
  • Andrea Landis and Brioso HGF--USDF 4 Year Old Test