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Lendon Youth Dressage Festival Midwest 2018 Highlights Our Graduates


The 2018 version of Hampton Green Farm's annual Lendon Youth Dressage Festival was another wonderful experience for riders, parents and professionals. Our festival has produced an extraordinary number of US Youth Team participants and WITtees who have gone on to successful careers as young professionals. This year's festival featured our superstar graduates!

The three day festival began with a full TEAM clinic, led by Lendon Gray and assisted by Maria Lithander. [nbsp]10 riders were provided with two days of individual training with Lendon, and attended seminars by Dr. Jeff Bunn, Nick Hanson and Kimberly Van Kampen on topics as diverse as colic, horse trailers, and sponsorship!

The featured speaker at our Exhibitor's Dinner was Wellington's First Lady of Dressage, Janne Rumbough, who held the room mesmerized with her memories and lessons learned from the life of an amatuer horsewoman. Janne, who is still a top Grand Prix competitor, described the rich experiences she has gleaned in competition and horse management. She shared the three most important things that horses have taught her about life, to the appreciation and admiration of everyone who attended.

Sunday's show featured riders from walk/trot through PSG and several freestyles this year. Judge Merriyn Griffin presided over the dressage tests, with post-test comments from two of our graduates, Rosie Simoes and Ayden Uhlir, who also spoke later in the day to the participants about their own career paths following their years with Lendon. Betty Horst from Michigan was our Equitation Judge and we were happy to have her expert eye and teaching skills this year at the Festival. Andrea Landis judged Turn Out and provided us with many of our photographs of the show.

Our Overall Champion this year again was Sophia Schults on Idolo Americano. Sophia is a long-time Midwest Festival participant and a graduate of WIT. She and Idolo have just been named to the Region 3 Team for NAJYRC and are currently ranked sixth in the USA for Young Riders. As the trainer of the Overall Champion, Chloe Fullar of Saint Joseph, Michigan, will receive the training scholarship from Robert Dover.

All scores can be found at this link:[nbsp]https://youthdressagefestival.presencehost.net/news-results/midwest-ydf-2018.html

Our Special Award winners were:

High Point FEI Sophia Schults
Turnout Award Sophia Schults
High Point Pony [&] Rider Maya Ilada
Most Valuable Volunteer Nicole Gallant
Youngest Rider Award Viviana Selner
Young Horse Started by Rider Maya Ilada
High Scoring PRE Sophia Schults
Sportsmanship Award Ryleigh Koch
Oldest Horse Lauren Alexander
Newbie Award Ever Robak
Champion Trainer Award Sophia Schults/Chloe Fullar


Our thanks to all of our parents and trainers, and to our faithful volunteers who come out every year to support our future champions!

Jim and Maria Guthrie

Tina and Brent Gluch

Joli Burrell

Joan Mack

Lyn and Claire Kendall

Mariyn Fahringer

Laura Roda

Ron Schults

Pam Stille

Nicole Gallant

Rosie Simoes

Ayden Uhlir

Nicholas Hansen

Maria Lithander

.............And our Sponsors:

Robert Dover



Tractor Supply of Fruitport

Millbrook Tack

Equine Medical

Sycamore Lane Farrier

Lyn Kendall


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