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County Saddle a Member of Team Grandioso

County Saddle a Member of Team Grandioso


When Daniel Martin Dockx and Grandioso went down the center line in London, they were supported by a team of top trainers, veterinarians, physical therapists, farriers, Spanish Federation staff, and an international saddle maker who provides saddles for the best horses in the world. County Saddlery first sponsored Grandioso when he was trained by Courtney King-Dye. When Grandioso left the United States for Spain, County continued their sponsorship of the horse and new rider Daniel Martin Dockx. County has shown a special interest in providing well-fitting and comfortable saddles for the Iberian horse, and presently provides saddles for Fuego de Cardenas and Juan Manuel Munoz, and Rachel Chowanec--US Reserve Champion Junior--and Embrujado. A full time representative in Spain has spent many hours making sure that Daniel and Grandioso are in perfect comfort with their saddle. In the past year, other HGF-horse owners have purchased County saddles and have the same experience of a comfortable and happy ride. 

Our thanks to Mr. Gene Freeze for his support of Dani and Grandioso, and we expect this investment to continue to produce many happy results in the future.



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