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Daniel Martin Dockx' Other Projects

Daniel Martin Dockx' Other Projects


We have just returned from Malaga, Spain, where we had a chance to photograph some of our up-and-coming FEI horses. In addition to Grandioso, Daniel has three HGF horses in training:

Vaquero HGF (Cuatrero x Idilio; 2007)--nationally top-ranked PRE in Young Horse Division and Copa ANCCE

Conquero HGF (Cosaco x Cantora: 2007)--not competed to date

Bolero CXLVIII--(Utrerano x Urano II)--well-known breeding stallion for HGF and half-brother to Fuego de Cardenas, recently re-purchased by HGF and returned to our training program.

Groom Mohamed Dana assists Daniel in his program.

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