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TEAM 70: Cindy Ramirez-Smith Does It Again

TEAM 70: Cindy Ramirez-Smith Does It Again


Cindy Ramirez-Smith, professional dressage trainer from Templeton California, continues her winning tradition on HGF horses with her latest scores with her husband Eric's 4 year old Carina HGF (Sevillana x Camaron).

Two weeks ago they scored 75.3 and 75.2 at Training Level 2 and 3 at 

Gavilan Chapter Summer show at Osierlea in San Juan Bautista, CA, winning 

both classes and Open High Score for the show. 

6 Year old Decoroso HGF (Quintera x Decoroso) is also continuing to perform well. They have started 2nd level, with scores up to 67%. Considering his age, Cindy says she is "working on building a super strong 

foundation, rather than being in too much of a hurry. I am looking forward to 

our progress." 

So are we!

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